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Supplemental IT Might Solve Your Problems
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Even with a large in-house IT team, it may not be enough to manage your business for releasing updates and adding information, both small and large scale. Facts are that most companies still have not developed a fluid equation to their IT needs. In situations where there is a stalemate in technological advancements, most companies result to spending more money and growing their team.


Thinking smarter is better than thinking larger. Saving money and updating your company with fluid practices is great for your IT team and employed staff, or even for a permanent solution. Supplemental IT is a great temporary solution for struggling businesses, but doesn't need to be a short term solution. Supplemental IT is great for companies whom prefer not to worry about the in-house staffing, time investment and setting up a support team. If money is a problem, it is also great for small to medium sized businesses whom don't have the capital.


Supplemental IT may seem as a big investment at first, but it actually is a solution most companies implement into their data and operations systems. AMITA Health is a great example of a company that utilizes Supplemental IT, which is no small accomplishments. Outsourcing your IT or simply adding to your team is actually a more cost effective solution to technological advancements and error resolutions for your team, whether it is setting up an email database, optimizing your support/ticketing process or helping with your database operations.

If you have any questions on how to improve your day to day technology operations, reach out to 2econd wind technology, and we would love to schedule a phone call to discuss how we may become the solution to all of your IT issues.

Secure Your Database
Secure Your Database Chicago IT 2econd Wind

The danger of having an unsecured IT set-up is not worth the struggle, especially if you are a Chicago-based firm doing it yourself. The procedures that ensure a secure database are often overlooked by either employees or firms managing your database. It is with the highest importance that your services and information are managed with the most secure set up, no client wants the business that they are working with to have an unsecure database. As a matter of fact, clients find it most comfortable if a company where to display how secure their database is to their clients. Who doesn't value safe business relations?

When taking into consideration the security of a database, Chicago IT firms and all other firms should ensure that there are layers of security to be implemented. The layers of support and strength are what define how secure your database is. There are a list of checks and balances that must be accomplished, some taken more seriously than others depending on the size of your database. The basic list is labeled as access control, auditing, threat prevention and backup.

Access control or authentication is the simple, who can access your database, from where, and what times. A simple "username and password" can go a long way and it is best to keep this controlled, monitored, and ensuring the ability to adjust this at your need can be done at a times notice. For example, you do not want a fired employee to enter your database and delete everything, ensure that his access is revoked at the time of dismissal. With a Chicago-based IT support that has 24/7 response time, we ensure that 2econd Wind has this under control.

Auditing is a process of ensuring no bad patterns of bad things are happening in your system by routinely checking logs, files, and data to ensure nothing bad is in there, or to make sure no one is accessing files they shouldn't be! Imagine a detective with a magnifying glass examining everything for something that just doesn't belong in your database. This step is essential in ensuring that no one is tampering and using your files incorrectly as well as its ability to prevent a numerous of other issues.

Threat prevention, or encryption, is the foundation of a secure IT database. Small Business IT Support struggles with implementing a sophisticated and reliable encryption, which should never happen. 2eond Wind IT has the essentials and go-to needs for encryption, and everyone struggles with this. Whether it is implementing security to prevent all sorts of hacking such as white hat, DOS, phishing, ransomware, or sniffing, you want to ensure that your database can prevent these and many more. This can be prevented in many ways, but ensuring you have a solid and secure system is the best way to go about this. If you struggle with this, we urge you to contact us on our home page so that we can prevent anything from happening to your company.

Backups are the "you saved my ass" of information. What happens if your files are gone forever? Well, we just said it, they are gone forever. With a backup, you can ensure that you have a "2econd Wind" in your company life. See what we did there? Backups are often forgotten about, but desired most when files disappear. Don't put yourself in that situation, and allow us to back up your files for you in case of an emergency. This is a standard in all databases, and if you do not have it, you are missing out on a foundation of security.

Organization Matters
Organized Chicago IT Matters

Staying organized is a huge asset to any business. Most businesses seem to find it as a roadblock within their technology set up, as they always struggle on getting IT to work. How can a business continue to succeed if it takes them so long to manage their IT and meet their customer’s needs? It is essential to any company, whether it is information for a customer, or the simple-on-the-go phone users who need access to client tickets, famously seen in Chicago as all the tech junkies commute from business to business, failing to meet quality and professional standards. Most successful individuals agree that those who have succeeded in organizing their thoughts will also be successful in implementing them. 2econd Wind Technology prides ourselves in the quality and dedication we have as a company to our customers. We focus on getting everything clean, set up, organized, all at your convenience quick and fast so that you don’t have to wake up late at night facing any problems; we’ve got you covered. At 2econd Wind Technology, we pride ourselves in our organized business practices, contacting you right away and documenting all our recognized issues that we find that we can fix. We are the go to company that recognizes the essential fundamentals of an organized and structured supplemental and other forms of IT to any small, medium or large sized business or corporation. The greatest asset to any business is the ability to meet their customer’s needs, and as a middle man, we want to make this process easier for you, and convenient for your clients. A clear format and discussion from company, to IT, to customer allows for a simple process that is convenient for all individuals within the situation.

Chicago has always been the city that constantly is on the go; the windy city of Chicago. We have taken the image of the active windy city and implemented it within our brand to let you know that we are 2econd wind, constantly providing the backup you need. The first wind to satisfy your company, the 2econd wind to ensure everything is secure. We grow with our clients, building relationships and trust, unlike other IT firms who dump their clients when they get bigger deals. We stick true to our clients, always there to support them and provide them secure hassle-free IT that they deserve. So, what is stopping you? 2econd Wind Technology is the organized go-to IT company you need. In an industry such as IT, nothing is more important than organization. Time is money, and money matters. Reach out to us on our “Contact Us” page so that we can better assist you, or even just talk on what your company might need to stick out from your competitors. Get organized today, because it really matters.