Supplemental IT Might Solve Your Problems

Supplemental IT.png

Even with a large in-house IT team, it may not be enough to manage your business for releasing updates and adding information, both small and large scale. Facts are that most companies still have not developed a fluid equation to their IT needs. In situations where there is a stalemate in technological advancements, most companies result to spending more money and growing their team.


Thinking smarter is better than thinking larger. Saving money and updating your company with fluid practices is great for your IT team and employed staff, or even for a permanent solution. Supplemental IT is a great temporary solution for struggling businesses, but doesn't need to be a short term solution. Supplemental IT is great for companies whom prefer not to worry about the in-house staffing, time investment and setting up a support team. If money is a problem, it is also great for small to medium sized businesses whom don't have the capital.


Supplemental IT may seem as a big investment at first, but it actually is a solution most companies implement into their data and operations systems. AMITA Health is a great example of a company that utilizes Supplemental IT, which is no small accomplishments. Outsourcing your IT or simply adding to your team is actually a more cost effective solution to technological advancements and error resolutions for your team, whether it is setting up an email database, optimizing your support/ticketing process or helping with your database operations.

If you have any questions on how to improve your day to day technology operations, reach out to 2econd wind technology, and we would love to schedule a phone call to discuss how we may become the solution to all of your IT issues.