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Top 5 IT Trends of 2017
2econd Wind Technology Top 5 IT Trends of 2017 Chicago IT

    1. Mobility

Your clients are constantly on the run, moving at a minute’s notice to satisfy their customer’s needs. So, it makes just as equal sense that your company is mobile for your clients. A majority of companies have begun to assign their employees weekend shifts and 24/7 shifts, answering a ticket at a moment’s notice. The days of “Support Desk” are over, it is now “Mobile Support”. Have you upgraded? Separate yourself from the rest.

2. Lack of Organization

This one isn’t such a good one to have within your company, but a building block for you to implement within your company. Most IT firms seem to find their structure to be unorganized, and a lot of businesses seem to be unsatisfied with the response time of IT firms that they are working with. If you lack organization within your company, you better fix it right away or you risk the possibility of losing your company as a whole, as it truly can be the downfall of even the greatest company.

3. Cloud Computing & Storage

The future is now! Well, kind of. If you are a Chicago based IT firm, then you must be practicing the advances of offering your clients cloud computing and storage.  Companies excel the most when they are able to use a VPN to connect to their company’s servers and get their work done. If you are able to offer this to your clients, then you are already competing with the head honcho’s as the price is not cheap to offer this set-up.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Now, when we mention AI, we don’t mean the Facebook computer that builds its own language, doomsday-esc type of AI, we stay away from that bad joojoo. We mean automated services that function off of Natural Language Processing (NLP), voice recognition, facial recognition and other advanced technology that big companies like Google, Apple and Amazon have their hands on, and continue to separate themselves with. With the race between the three, and now Samsung proving a worthy opponent with their AI, it seems that the talk is huge and companies like big things.

5. Big Data & Security

We’ve written about this before and we mean it. Security and Big Data is huge and connects with AI, as a majority of our marketing and IT solutions connects in a big way with Big Data & Security. Big Data has never fallen off the top 10 of IT trends as it continues to excite, or scare, people into thinking how companies actually use our information. On top of this, people are very secure with how they operate with Big Data, especially when the understand the extent of how far we, as a society, have come in terms of Big Data. Yes, we are talking to you, people who put tape on their laptop cameras!